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Parent & Community Spotlight

August 2018

  • Empowering Parents to Be Involved in the Education Process

    Ms. Swanson is the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Chair at Curtis Elementary School. She works hard to keep the parents involved and engaged in the educational process. Ms. Swanson is also a dedicated mother of two sons and one granddaughter.

    1. How long have you been the PAC Chair at Curtis? Why did you initially get involved?

    I’ve been the chair for 3 years. I first got into it through my kids, but they’re grown now. 

    2. Tell me about your role as the PAC Chair.

    We inform parents about what CPS is doing and host workshops that teach parents about the different ways the students are learning. Parents are able to understand what their child is doing in the classroom, and possibly help them with their homework. 
    3. What is your favorite part of being the PAC Chair?

    To help educate the parents and surrounding community of Curtis. 

    4. What are some of the priorities your PAC is working on right now?

    Right now, we are focusing on getting parents that are currently unemployed matched with job opportunities. We are also creating our CIWP, which is a document that covers general information about students at CPS. 

    5. Is there anything else you want parents and community members to know about the work you and your PAC are doing at Curtis Elementary?

    Yes, every Christmas and December we host a coat and can drive, where we take donations of winter clothes, canned goods, and frozen turkeys that we give to needy families in the area.