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Parent & Community Spotlight

September 2018

  • Judy Wilson-Rose

    Ms. Wilson-Rose is the proud parent of three children who attend CPS schools. She is currently the RTC PAC Chairperson, and her eagerness to pass on her knowledge to other parents for the benefit of the community makes her stand out. She has graciously answered our questions below. 
    1. What CPS schools do / did your children attend?
    I have a Senior at RTC Medical Prep HS, and a set of Freshmen twins attending Lindblom Math & Science HS

    2. What position do you hold as a parent volunteer?
    Currently, I'm the RTC PAC Chairperson

    3. Why did you decide to get involved as a parent/ What are the benefits of being a parent volunteer? 
    I decided that I wanted to learn more about PAC at RTC and the school itself. so I started attending a few PAC Meetings.  I originally didn't volunteer and was somewhat content just attending the PAC Meetings.  However, I was "volunteered" by one of the other active Parents to be Chairperson during the Annual Organizational PAC Meeting.  Once I got over the shock and went over in my mind a thousand reasons of why I shouldn't accept, knowing that deep down I did want to learn more, I accepted the position as PAC Chairperson, and it has been truly a remarkable learning experience.  I find this role quite beneficial as I'm able to be a liaison between the parents and our school by learning more about how our school operates, meeting some of the very caring teachers and wonderful staff, and learning how important an active PAC is to a school.  Not all parents are able to attend the monthly PAC meetings, but they are still entitled to know what's available to them and Parent Programs that are offered for them as Parents of CPS students.  I feel it is my duty to obtain and share this knowledge with them.  I've learned so much in such a short period of time about CPS schools and how they operate, and more importantly how we as Parents have an active voice with our children's school.  

    4. What do you hope to change at CPS through parent volunteering? 
    I wouldn't say necessarily say "change".  I would like to think of it more as bringing awareness to Parents of their rights so they too can take advantage of the opportunities that CPS is offering to assist them in their everyday lives through Parent University, a variety of Parent driven conferences and workshops, and a monthly general meeting with parent bonding to be updated on what's happening within the school they've entrusted their children to attend every school year.