Pamela Price
Mrs. Pamela Price for more than 20 years has been actively involved in the planning, organizing, and coordinating programs and groups concerned with the social problems in her community.  Pamela’s role with CPS (Chicago Public Schools), she is a committed public servant that advocates for parents and community members and works tirelessly in helping them find the resources to help their children achieve academic success. 

Pamela has worked with Title I Parents to make sure they have access to workshops, training, and resources provided under, the Department of Education’s NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Program. One of her many accomplishments includes the implementation of the CPSs “Power of Parent” conferences. Pamela is instrumental in organizing and facilitating the conferences that are attended by more than 10,000 parents annually. For many years, Pamela served as an LSC (Local School Council) Facilitator where she provided training for LSC members to help better understand the policies, procedures and regulations for the office.  

Pamela was born and raised on the North-West side of Chicago and is a product of CPS schools. Later she relocated to Chicago’s Westside, where she resides to this day. Pamela has been active with many community organizations and maintains relationships with key community representatives to exchange and update information on resources and services available to help those in need. 

Currently, Pamela is the Director of the CPS Parent Universities and Engagement Centers. Pamela has also served as FaCE , LSC Facilitator, and Title I Coordinator. 

Director, Parent University & Engagement Center
Other Info:
Twitter: @Pam4CPS_Parents