Parent Literacy Leadership Corps
These resources include materials to help strengthen students’ skills.

Story Reading Guides: You can use with ANY story, including stories you watch on TV!

Short Stories: Your child can read any story with each story reading guide, including the Short Stories we include in this resource section. Most of the stories are fables so that your child can improve skills and focus on important life lessons.

Vocabulary Lists: Your child can use these to write and draw to develop a bigger vocabulary.

Chicago Readings: Help your child learn more about your city and improve skills to read history.

Writing Guides: Your child can use these to write about stories and television programs and your own family.

Story Reading Guides

Compare and Contrast: English Spanish

Make TV Time Thinking Time: English Spanish

Picture A Paragraph: English Spanish

Reading Activities: English Spanish

Sequence the Story Parts: English Spanish

Show Where and Who in a Story: English Spanish

Story History Reader: English Spanish

Their Words: English Spanish

Short Stories 

A Mouse Chooses: English Spanish

A Proud Flight(fiction): English Spanish

Fable-The Tortoise and the Hare: English Spanish

How the Firefly Got its Light: English Spanish

My New President(fiction): English Spanish

The Train Ride - Barack Obama Makes History: English Spanish


Government: English/Spanish

Picture Word Bank: English Spanish

Word Bank: English Spanish

Word Bank - Seasons/Weather: English/Spanish

Chicago Readings

After the Fire: English Spanish

Better Living in Chicago: English Spanish

Chicago Begins: English Spanish

Chicago Changes: English Spanish

Chicago Environment Timeline: English/Spanish

Chicago Transportation Timeline: English/Spanish​​​​​​​

Pilsen Community Changes: English Spanish

Native Americans in Chicago: English Spanish

Native American Life - Potawami Profile (historical fiction): English Spanish

DuSable: English Spanish

Landfill: English Spanish

Writing Guides

Book Writer: English Spanish

Fable Planner: English Spanish​​​​​​​

My Family History Book: English Spanish

Poem Writer: English Spanish

Story Writer: English Spanish