Office of Faith-Based Initiatives (OFBI)

Safe Haven provides an opportunity for additional learning time, with students engaging in activities ranging from reading and math to educational games, performing arts programs, and the building of peer and mentor relationships that will help them stay on track once school resumes. Additionally, in keeping with its mission to eradicate bullying and combat youth violence, this program offers workshops in anger management and positive conflict resolution

Safe Haven is a partnership between CPS and the Faith Community. The program runs in 3 cycles: Afterschool (November - May); Spring Break (March/April); Summer Break (July-August). 

Spring Break Safe Haven Locations
Click here or a full list of the 2019 Safe Haven Spring Locations. The Safe Haven Spring Break program runs from April 15th to 19th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is no cost to families, and all participants will receive free breakfast and lunch through the District’s partnership with various Faith-Based Institutions. 

Registration and Questions?

Please call the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives at (773) 553-2500 or email faithbased@cps.edu.