Digital Badges

Parent University is proud to offer digital badge opportunities as part of their partnership with Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) Digital Badges are an online representation of a skill you've learned. They will:


  • Connect learning experiences

  • Serve as an indicator of achievement and engagement to universities, employers, and our district

  • Are packed with data which tells a story of your personal learning journey

  • Can be shared via social media or professional networking websites


Parents can earn badges by showing their school pride, completing classes offered at our local Parent University and Parent Engagement Center locations, participating in special events and programs, or being involved in major CPS Initiatives such as:


  • Local School Councils

  • Parent Portal

  • Parent Action Councils/Parent Leadership Networks

  • Community Action Councils

  • Parent Leadership Institute


How to Sign-up

  1. Visit www.chicagocityoflearning.org/parentuniversity

  2. Create your account

  3. Enter the claim code associated with the Parent University location closest to you in your CCOL profile - Instructions ​​​​​​​


Get started today!