Pursuant to the Illinois School Code, in 1996, the Chicago Board of Education established a Local School Council Advisory Board (LSCAB) comprised of both elected and appointed currently-serving LSC members. The role of the LSCAB is to advise the Board on issues related to Local School Council elections, operations, powers and duties, and school improvement plans. The LSCAB also serves as a liaison between Local School Council members and senior staff and advises the Board of Education on other issues regarding the school district, as requested.

The LSCAB conducts public meetings monthly at the Garfield Center, 2651 West Washington at 4:00 p.m. Below is the meeting calendar for 2018:
  • Monday, January 22
  • Monday, February 26
  • Monday, March 19
  • Monday, April 16
  • Monday, May 21
  • Monday, June 18

LSCAB Members for the 2017-2019 Term:

Mr. Thomas E. Gray, Chair, (Chicago Military Academy: Community Representative)

Mr. Vicente Sánchez, Jr., LSCAB Vice-Chair (John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School)

Mr. David Ramos, LSCAB Secretary (Ogden: Parent Representative)

Ms. Mary Sendra Anselmo (Canty Elementary: Community Representative)

Mr. Samuel Bassett (Horace Greeley Elementary School: Community Representative)

Mr. Alejandro Espinoza Olazaba (Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School)

Mr. Edward L. Ford (Poe Elementary Classical School: Parent Representative)

Ms. Michelle McGruder (Keller Regional Gifted Center: Parent Representative)

Ms. Laura Patton-Van Buskirk, PsyD (McPherson Elementary School: Parent Representative)

Mr. Sergio M. Ramirez (George Washington Elementary School)

Ms. Eva Maritza Rodriguez (John Hancock College Preparatory High School

Mr. Jerome Yanoff (Boone Elementary School: Community Representative)