The mission of the Office of Family and Community Engagement in Education (FACE2) is to cultivate healthy working relationships and empower parents, families, community members and faith leaders. Our office seeks to improve educational outcomes for all students by establishing open communication and collaboration and providing capacity building opportunities.

Our vision is to:
  • Increase student achievement
  • Build partnerships with parents and community
  • To effectively communicate district initiatives
  • Empower families & community
  • Close the communication gap between families and the communities
  • Establish pipeline to resources/services
Our core work is anchored in:
Parent Engagement - providing support and resources in areas of academics, social skills, community resources and capacity building through extended learning opportunities.
  • Parent Advisory Council/Parent Leadership Network Monthly meetings
  • Title I Services
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Training on District initiatives
  • Outreach for special events
Community Engagement - Building leadership capacity to support student outcomes
  • Local School Councils
  • Community Action Councils
  • Safe Haven After School Programs/Office of Faith Based Initiatives partnerships
  • CBO Partnerships
Four Departments:
  • Parent University
  • Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Managers
  • Office of Faith-based Initiatives (OFBI)
  • Office of Local School Council Relations (OLSCR)

FACE Managers provide Network & school-based support for Title 1 Parent Advisory Councils (PACs), share effective strategies for principals and teachers on family and community engagement, and deliver monthly Parent Leadership Network development for all parents and community members.

FACE Managers provide targeted need-based supports to schools via five key components to ensure holistic school development:
  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability