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CPS Parent Portal Gets an Upgrade

New Information Systems Parent Portal transitions in January 2019

Chicago Public Schools is excited to announce that starting January 7th, 2019, Parent Portal will be replaced with a new system called Aspen. Aspen will provide the same capabilities of the current Portal while adding new features as well. If you don’t have a portal account now and would like one in Aspen, this message applies to you too!

Familiar features include viewing student assignments, grades, schedules and attendance while the new features include student fees, include credit card payments and health compliance, all in a mobile-friendly format.

Aspen will use a more sophisticated, email-based system for connecting family members to the system. Registration for the new portal will be a self-service model, similar to what financial institutions use to connect customers to their online banking applications.

Existing Parent Portal accounts will not automatically be transferred to Aspen*. To access the new system, current portal users and parents who are interested in creating a portal account for the first time must confirm that they are listed as a contact for their students and have an updated email address in the current Student Information System. Updating your email address on the existing Parent Portal will NOT update your email address with the main office.

If you complete the steps above, you will receive an email in January 2019 with instructions on how to securely set up your new Aspen Parent Portal Account. Access to the existing parent and student portals will end on December 21, 2018. Visit www.cps.edu/parentportal to see a new Aspen Parent Portal introductory video.

*The District cannot convert your current portal account over to the new Aspen system automatically. Knowledge of your current Parent Portal password is exclusive to you, and cannot be transferred over.