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New Network Structure for High Schools

View the list of new CPS high schools networks.

CPS is restructuring the network system to better support the unique needs of both elementary and high schools. Under our revised structure, which will be in place for the 2018-19 school year, all elementary schools will remain in their current networks, and all high schools will be placed into four new networks that are better designed to support their needs.

Please note ISP schools remain Independent, as well as Charters, Options, Alternatives, and AUSLs.

By eliminating our existing one-size-fits-all support model, schools will benefit in the following ways:
  • K-8 schools will receive increased support from their current network staff, who will be able to focus exclusively on their needs.
  • High schools will receive support from staff who are experts on high school instruction and operations.
  • Due to a reduced chief- to-principal ratio, principals will have increased access to their network chiefs.
  • High schools will benefit from subject matter experts who will be able to support instructional initiatives in all core subjects.
  • We will also be able to establish systems to share best practices, allowing us to introduce new initiatives and celebrate the great work that is happening throughout the district.

Contact information for each Network can be found here.