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Round 2 High School Applications are Available

The Round 2 high school application process runs April 30 - May 4.

What is Round 2?

Round 2 is a new application period where only the high school programs that still have available seats after Round 1 will be available. Families can select and rank up to 20 Non-Selective Enrollment programs and up to 2 Selective Enrollment schools (if the student took the Selective Enrollment High Schools admissions exam AND received a total point score of 600 or higher). The student could receive a single best offer to one school in each category if they are matched.

For full instructions on this round, please download our Round 2 Application Guide .

Round 2 High School Application Guide

You can also view a list of all the high school programs available in Round 2 here.


PLEASE NOTE: If you accepted a first-round offer, you should ONLY apply to programs in the second round if you want them MORE than the first-round offer that you accepted. If you receive a second-round offer, you will AUTOMATICALLY forfeit the first-round offer you accepted. Do not apply to programs in the second round unless you are certain that you want each of them MORE than the first-round offer you accepted. If you accept/accepted a waitlist offer, this will not be affected by the second round application. If you submit a second-round application, be sure to rank your choices in the order of your preference (put the program you want MOST as number 1, the program you want next as number 2, etc.).

When Should You Consider Round 2?

Round 2 is ONLY recommended for families that:

• Moved to Chicago after the Round 1 application deadline.
• Did not participate in Round 1 and would like to try to be matched with a high school program of their choosing.
• Declined their Round 1 offer and found program(s) they would prefer to attend available in Round 2.
• Accepted a Round 1 offer, but found program(s) they would prefer to attend available in Round 2.
• Were ruled ineligible to apply to a program in Round 1, but are now eligible to apply to that program in Round 2.

Can I Re-Apply to Round 1 Programs that I Did Not Get Into?

You cannot re-apply in Round 2 to any programs where you are already on a waitlist. Round 1 applicants have been automatically added to the waitlist for all programs that they were (1) eligible for selection in Round 1 and (2) were ranked higher than the one they received an offer from. If you are on a waitlist and a seat becomes available for you, you will be notified by the school.

You can, however, reapply to any programs ranked lower than the Round 1 offer you received. And in certain cases where a student is now eligible to apply to programs they were not eligible to apply to in Round 1, they can apply in Round 2.

Are You Ready to Apply?

If you have read through all the background information on Round 2, have thoroughly evaluated all your options, and feel that participating in Round 2 is the right thing for your family, log into your GoCPS account to start applying today.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday or email gocps@cps.edu.